Flip Flap Box – Green/Silver – The Magic Hands


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Flip Flap Box (AKA Flipp Flapp Box). This is an item we at Stevens Magic are very familiar with and one of our personal favorites! This was for many years a best selling item for famed “The Magic Hands”in Germany. It is still made by the same master craftsman.

Flipp-Flapp is a unique production apparatus that presents the performer with a truly unique opportunity to produce silks, sponge balls, spring flowers and even a bottle or two from what looks like an empty frame.  The prop itself looks quite magical. it is a square frame that can be shown empty on all sides and the audience can even look right thru it. Suddenly the frame transforms into a square tube and the production commences.

Flipp-Flapp is made by a bookbinder from quality bookbinders linen and boards and with proper handling last a long time. Flipp-Flapp is made in a variety of color combinations and we will deliver what is at hand. The most popular combination is red and yellow which allows for use in a kid show and adult programs.  No production materials (silks etc.), supplied


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