Flip Out – The Ultimate Comedy Card Revelation


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Combining the time tested ideas of the ’52 on 1’ card and the ‘Magicians Insurance Policy’, Flip Out gives you the Ultimate comedy card revelation that packs flat yet plays big.

Suitable for any size audience, FLIP OUT can be presented close up, or on the largest stage.

  • Custom made gimmick
  • Fully scripted routine
  • Multiple handlings taught
  • Online tutorial for instant access
  • Perfect for live performances or online shows

Sean Taylor is one of the most sought after entertainers and speakers in Australia. His razor sharp wit, hilarious audience management and cheeky humour make him a natural for the Aussie corporate environment. His widely acclaimed books (MindStorms & MindCoaster) compliment his best selling effects, including On Target, Pineapple Surprise, Crazy Man’s Marked Deck & many more.

Now, update your act with a solid 5 minute crowd pleaser that will never fail to get a great reaction. Piper Magic presents Sean Taylor’s FLIP OUT.

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