Flipper Coin – Half Dollar (Johnson)


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Also called “Gravity Flippers,” or “Butterfly Flippers.” We sold these when Johnson first put them out and sold out, but they are back!  Unlike traditional flipper coins that had to be stacked on top of each other and required strategic positioning when performing, these new style, improved versions make the effect truly amazing. In fact the effect is so much stronger that it makes the old style flipper coins obsolete. It’s like trying to fly coach again when you have gotten used to first class.

The new design features: No more worries about stacking the coins, and having to only show just a small portion of the coin.  This Gravity Flipper allows for immediate set up.  The term Butterfly Flippers is also used for this specific type of flipper coins, because the coin resembles a butterfly’s wings with respect to the mechanics.

Effect: A Kennedy Half Dollar that unfolds allowing you to show two half dollars. When you release the coin, the coins fold back up into one single half dollar.

This is amazing!  As far as visual transformations go – it really is as good as it gets!  Additional value added routine exclusively from Stevens Magic upon request with purchase.

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