Flower Drawer Box (Mikame) – Ukiyo Box Japanese Style – RARE


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One of our favorite tricks from Mikame – a line we have sold for over twenty years at Stevens Magic.

The performer shows the drawer to be empty. It is closed and when reopened, it is completely full of paper flowers! The drawer is removed from the box and the flowers dumped out. The totally empty drawer is replaced in the box. When removed, it is again, completely full of flowers! This is a colorful, amazing double production. The method is so clever, easy to perform and absolutely undetectable. Even better – you can remove the entire drawer.

Note: We sell this product “complete” with two packages of Spring Flowers!  Good Quality Spring flowers are often hard to find – and we think when you purchase an item, you should be able to perform it out of the box.  However, if you already have Spring Flowers contact us and we will reduce the product price accordingly.  But most importantly, when comparing prices, please understand this price INCLUDES SPRING FLOWERS (hence the “Flower Drawer Box Deluxe.”).

Minor changes in design vary compared to the one seen in the photo.

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