Fly Away Silk – Susie Gaynor


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With respect to Stewart James's “Go-Go Vanisher”

Susie Gaynor’s Fly-Away Silk. Susie Gaynor has made specially for Stevens Magic. A new version for the famous silk effect that has many names! We have named it; Fly Away Silk!

If you have seen this effect before, you know how powerful it is when the spectator who holds a small object such as a ball, egg or any other round object up to 3.5-inches in their palm and the performer just lays a silk over their hand and whisks it away! In one quick flash and the object is GONE! Boom… Wow… Quick… They never feel it go!

Top quality seamstress work and high quality materials. The foulard is 16-inches and the color and material varies.

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