Flying Colors – Spectrum Highest Quality Momme Silks


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Silk Momme, actually pronounced as “moe-me,” is a unit of measurement for silk fabric. It is a measure of the weight and quality of silk fabric.  This is crafted from the highest quality silk the magic world has ever seen.  This is professional quality.

Three 18-inch silks are tied – one at a time- around the center of two ropes and everything is freely shown. The know are genuine and the silks are actually tied around the ropes.  Holding the ropes fully extended, the performer looks up toward the ceiling and counts to three.  Suddenly, the silks leave the ropes and fly upward to about 10 feet in the air!

The original knots remain in the silks and everything can be examined.  A prize-winning, mechanical miracle and an audience pleaser.

Comes with three 18-inch professional silks of the highest momme count available in magic.


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