Folding Top Hat (Opera Hat)


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Product Description

This is an affordable collapsing top hat. It is rumored that these hats were originally designed so that a gentlemen could dress appropriately to fancy events like Opera’s without these tall hats serving as an obstruction to individuals seated behind or in the rear of. If this is true, we as Magician’s have discovered SUCH a better way to incorporate this unique product (both by producing it and then using it as a receptacle).  This hat features the metal springs – NOT Plastic!

Personally, I prefer the not used Pop-Up Top Hat! Because that is where the visual eye-candy is served. The magician or performer slides the folded up hat from out of his coat and holding the hat with both hands on each side, executes a quick and forceful thrust forward causing the top to literally “POP” out and form the top hat. From there it can be used to put card into performing a six card, or even better yet, a six bill repeat (available at Stevens Magic). Or other similar uses.

Available only in one size – Standard. But remember, as magicians the emphasis is on the production of the hat, and using it during your show – not wearing it! Unless of course, your planning on going to the Opera!

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