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“FORCE4 – I put it in my show straight away, for a completely different purpose and it KILLED people. I get a LOT of legwork out of such an innocent switch.” KENNEDY – That Mind Reader Guy

The Mentalist opens a simple black vinyl folder and shows four envelopes. As he passes along a line of 4 spectators, each one chooses an envelope. The spectators have an absolutely FREE choice of any envelope.

 EVERY choice is under the performer’s control . . . Imagine the possibilities!  Dims approx. 13″ by 10.”

FORCE 4 does exactly what the name suggests . . . it allows you to force 4 envelopes or folded papers in a very fair manner.

Originally designed for Wayne’s own chair test “Signs of Chaos.” FORCE 4 can be used in many types of routines. Serious Mentalists and magicians in general will find a use for FORCE 4 in their act. As a special bonus for family entertainers, included are two fun and fully scripted routines from Jim Kleefeld.

Full contents include:

  •  Simple Chair Test
  •  The Name Test
  •  Color Test
  •  Mystery Bag and Bank Night Bonus
  •  Body Language with Force 4
  •  Signs of Chaos – Wayne Rogers
  •  Character Eye’s – For School Shows by Jim Kleefeld
  •  Foreward – For Library Shows by Jim Kleefeld

FORCE 4 can be used as a regular writing pad if desired. It is designed to use either A4 or Letter size paper.

 Paul Romhany wrote:

This is the answer to a solution I’ve been after for years in my mentalism show! This opens up endless possibilities that will enhance any routine … Wayne has created the ultimate tool for professionals …. My prayers have been answered – FORCE 4 is INCREDIBLE!”

 Scryer says:

You have a MASTERPIECE! Totally unique – it’s completely different from anything else… This is AWESOME! You have a winner!


You really do have a great prop there and one you should be proud of. Well done my friend.



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