Forcing Pad (Add A Number)


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Classic Forcing Pad. Looks like a normal leather note pad – but it’s NOT! This is secret agent stuff! For those of you that love the add a number effect – this model uses a different approach, that may be new to some, and coveted by those who knew it existed but had trouble finding. It’s an ingenious method for sure.

You receive a hand made black leather note pad with brass corner pieces, embossed, containing a pad of plain papers. A pencil is attached and also fits inside.

With this innocent-looking pad, you can perform different and amazing effects, for example: You show an envelope and say that inside is a prediction. You ask different spectators to write numbers on the pad, one under the other. You don’t even have to see the numbers; someone else totals them together and you ask a member of the audience to open the envelope to show that it matches the total!

Made of genuine leather by master craftsmen . Designed to fit easily in your jacket pocket. This is a must have and gets the Stevens Magic stamp of approval!


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