Fortune: Impossible Prediction Meets Tear and Restore! – DVD and Gimmicks – Estate

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EFFECT: You show your spectator three photographs. “One of these guys was REALLY lucky, and I want you to focus, in your mind, on whichever person you think it was.”

Now you show them three lottery tickets from three different countries. All three tickets are ripped in half and one of them belongs to the person they have in mind. You ask your spectator:

“So, you have a person in mind. You can see his face. You know his name. You know his nationality. You can visualize his torn lottery ticket. And it’s absolutely fair to say that all those details only exist in your mind?”

They agree. They have to because all you’ve done so far is show them a few simple items – some photos and some torn lottery tickets. All their decisions have been made in their own mind.

On the table (from the VERY beginning) sits an envelope. Miraculously, it contains the very same lottery ticket that they’re visualizing and a replica photograph of the person they have in mind. It’s a 100% accurate prediction by you… or is it an accurate divination by them?

“So, now that we know which one is the genuine winning ticket, we wouldn’t want that to be torn, would we?”

The tickets, which have been in their possession all along, are examined – and the one winning ticket they are thinking of is somehow completely restored!


– The photos are NOT marked, and the spectator can GENUINELY think of ANY photo they like.
– The prediction envelope is on display from the VERY start. It is not switched at ANY POINT and it does NOT contain any secret hidden compartments.
– The torn lottery tickets are fairly displayed – 6 torn halves of 3 tickets – nothing is added, taken away, or switched. Everything is left with the spectator and, yet, the one ticket of which they are thinking HAS BEEN RESTORED!
– FORTUNE uses NO sleight of hand, NO switching, NO marks, and NO suggestion.
– FORTUNE fits inside one pocket-sized envelope and is always ready to go. Photos, tickets, and envelopes supplied. Digital files are also included – a lifetime supply!

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