Four Door Production Cabinet – (aka Gibson Box) – George Ledo


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At Joe’s request, George Ledo has created another run of only six units of this effect, previously offered here in 2014.  Make no mistake, this is a beautiful piece of magicial apparatus. 

Presentation is very straight forward. The magician shows a small wooden cabinet on a revolving stand. The cabinet has a door on each side and a removable lid on top. The four doors are opened to show the cabinet is empty and then all the doors are closed. The lid is removed and a production follows. This can be repeated if desired.

The units come with an exceptionally detailed and illustrated five page instructional that is exactly what you would expect for this quality piece. The cabinets are finished in an antique cherry stain and measure 7 x 7 x 14.5 inches tall when fully assembled with pedestal, and feature an ample load chamber 5 x 3.5 x 2.5 inches. Each unit is signed and numbered.

Additional Images provided with permission from Andy Martin –

Note:  Due to the size of this product, additional shipping MAY be required, we will notify you post purchase if so.

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