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From the Ken Brooke Magic Range. Performer shows a regular-sized envelope and mentions that there are four court cards in the envelope.

Example: Four Kings. He announces to the spectator that one and ONLY one of the Kings is FACE UP. The spectator gets a FREE choice of anyone of the four Kings-Clubs, Spades, Hearts or Diamonds. When the spectator announces his choice the performer opens the envelope and takes out the four cards and spreads them and “lo and behold” the ONLY face up card matches the one called out by the spectator. And it and ONLY it is a different colored back card than the remaining three cards. 100% accurate all the time.

If you are familiar with B’Wave this was it’s precursor. Carry this in your pocket and you will always be prepared to WOW them.

One of the classic card predictions in all of magic world! Includes the fabulous KEN BROOKE routines! Based on an idea by Corvello. This is a carry with you excellent effect! We promise you an effect you will treasure! One of the easiest card illusions that will stun your spectator or spectators! Quote; Joe Stevens; “I’ve waited a long time for this classic to be available again”! Sweet & simple=which meets the requirement for all fantastic magic effects!

Mentalist of magician shows an small envelope that has 4 face cards inside. (Kings or Queens) Mentalist asks spectator to name any one of the four face cards inside. Upon their choice, the magician-mentalist takes the 4 cards out of the envelope and ONLY one card is shown face up, as the others are all face down! And also; Viola..the back of the card is a different color than the other three cards! And the cards are bicycle backs as well.

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2 reviews for Four Faces – Ken Brooke

  1. William Hegbli

    Before B’Wave there was the original, Four Faces. This is a superior and more puzzling then B’Wave. Has a kicker climax and a humorous presentation. Real entertainment!

  2. Ron Sylvester

    I carry this with me all the time for a great impromptu magical moment. This is a real-world baffler that’s easy to master. It will become your go-to effect.

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