Four Nightmares DLX (Tenyo)


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Four Nightmares. This item was introduced to me by my friend Koji Yamamoto of UGM. Co., in Nagoya. When he performed it for me at the World Magic Seminar – I freaked! While I have found some rope effects to be, well – less then exciting – this one really set a new standard of amazement.

Great visual rope magic! Simple to do! A long piece of rope and a short piece of rope are displayed to the audience. Then the magician visually stretches the ropes to equal lengths. The magician ties the two ropes together. Then the knot is miraculously slid off of the rope and the magician is left with one long piece of rope. Finally the magician ties one final knot in the middle of the rope. With no false moves the loop is slid cleanly off the rope as well, leaving the magician with a piece of rope in one hand and an endless loop of rope in the other hand. Comes complete with step-by-step instructions and specially prepared rope! The construction is exceptional, and for any of you that know about rope magic – you know that making professional quality rope props is very difficult.

We assure you that you will be impressed, very impressed with both the quality construction of this item, but also how it consistently plays well.

Please note: The video demonstration featured on this site, includes an optional routine performed by Koji Yamamoto – UGM. The detailed instructions provide alternative routines.

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