Four Quarters (Mismade Dollar) – DVD

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What a great idea – a DVD that features instructional routines for one of the greatest money effects in magic. The Mismade dollar bill continues to be an amazing effect because non-magician’s have never seen such an interested type of bill before! Just the novelty of it, is enough, but there is a lot more when you incorporate the magic involved in this classic effect.

EFFECT: You borrow a dollar bill from an audience member. At the tips of your fingers, with the audience carefully studying your every move, the bill is folded into a small packet. When the bill is unfolded, it has turned inside out! The audience can examine the bill. You then re-fold the bill and return it to its original state.

There is nothing more organic or amazing than magic with borrowed money. Watch Magick as he takes his unique brand of conjuring onto the streets of Manhattan and blows people away. Then join him for an in-depth explanation session, including tips on motivation, audience connections, and more. Filmed in high definition and featuring Dolby Digital sound, the 4Q DVD will have you performing this amazing effect in no time. The DVD even includes a Mismade Dollar Bill, made from real US currency. The bill is truly miscut, with no tape or glue involved.

  • Includes Genuine Miscut Dollar Bill
  • Live, Unstaged Street Performances
  • In-Depth Teaching with Multiple Angles
  • Filmed in High Definition
  • Dolby Digital Sound
  • Runtime Approximately: 35 min

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