Four Wrongs Make A Right – Stage Size – Permission from Derek Lever


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This is the GIANT version of this effect. See bottom of page for standard sized.

Four Wrongs Make A Right With permission from Derek Lever. What a sucker trick! The audience believes that you really are in a mess… BUT you get out of what looks like an impossible situation in a most amusing and novel way. Perfect for parlor, stand-up or stage. Four cards are selected and shuffled back into the pack. In the manner of a serious mentalist, the performer announces that he is going to attempt a stupendous feat of mindreading, after much concentrations and secret prayer, he removes four cards from the pack, and places them in a neat stand.

Solemnly, he asks each assistant if his card is in the stand. Amid great laughter and apparent discomfort on the part of the magician… it appears that he has made a serious blunder, for the spectator’s state emphatically that they do not see their selected cards. Disconsolately, the magician covers the stand with a sheet of paper… and the notice on the paper gives a good laugh. BUT THE AUDIENCE IS WRONG! And are proved so in a very funny manner, when (on second thought) the paper is removed to another laugh. A gag on the reverse side of the paper gives the final laugh to a terrific routine.

  • Great Entertainment — Laughs— Mystery
  • Comes complete with Frame, Cards, Gag Paper,
  • Routine and suggestion presentation and patter by Harry Stanley.Giant (Stage) Size:
    Frame is 10.5 x 15.5 inches. Stands 16.25 inches tall in total height and is 10.5 inches wide.

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