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Light enough to carry with you while strolling with no sagging pockets. The Foxy-Foxy cups are CNC’d from a solid bar or natural Black Delrin. These are not made from plastic, Acetal Delrin is a copolymer that doesn’t dent, crack, flex. We tested these cups with 300lbs of weight on just one cup and there was no bowing or flexing. They are that strong! The cups will easily hold a golf ball as a final load or slightly larger.

Each set includes

  • 3 Black Delrin cups,
  • 4 Mother of Pearl working balls
  • 4 Final Load Balls

Each cup is 2 1/8″ tall and has an ID of approx. 2″ and the saddle is 1 1/4″ approx. 1/8″ deep.

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