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Written by Pete Biro in 1972. One of the few lecture notes put together by Fred Kaps.

“Some Things To Think About” (title of the Kaps Lecture Notes) – Do you want mystery? Or entertainment? Or both? Effects should come first and the method second. Excellent advice and effects from one of the world’s finest magicians!

A fabulous compilation of the Kaps thinking and routines! Advanced magic… Yes. Clever magic… Yes. Entertainment… Yes.

• International Coin Thru Table
• Kaps Version Of Twisting The Aces
• Larry Jennings One Cup – Three Ball Chop Cup Routine
• I Am In Debt (The famous count effect with bills or cards)
• Real Magic (A clever ring and silk combination)
• Another Click Pass
• Newspaper To Dollar Bills
• Tenkai Card Production
• “Red” In Blue Deck
• A “Sound” Coin Vanish
• “Sun & Moon” In Spectator’s hand
• “Larette” Table Set Up
• Bob Driebeck’s Tosheroom Variations
• Coin Change & Vanish In Silk
• Instructions on how to construct his “Newspaper To Bills” Routine.

Twelve pages of information and knowledge! Add this wonderful piece to your library!


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