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Masuda’s Legendary masterpiece, Frozen in Time, is finally back. Time NEVER stops!

In 1998, Masuda performed this magic on television for the first time ever. This outstanding magic seriously produces a deep impact on your entire audience. Even other magicians will not believe what they have just seen in front of their own eyes. The reveal is a very shocking moment — people have never seen this kind of magic before. It became quite possibly the item that put him on the map as being an exceptionally creative thinker in the art. Frozen in Time never been frozen… Back by popular demand, with its brilliant design and fine texture.

Effect: Place a photo frame containing a picture of a pocket watch, on the table, facing down. Now, ask the spectator to name their favorite hour. Then, the photo inside the photo frame is revealed… The time on the watch in the photo exactly matches the spectator’s chosen hour…

A prediction using a photo, which is as known as an untransmutable object – has a huge impact. This photo frame is thick and super-clear acrylic. A real screw (not an imitation) is used to securely secure the frame on each corner. Because of its luxury appearance, this is a first class item even as an interior accessory.

This is Frozen in Time New Edition which features the highest quality in terms of appearance, mechanism and, most important of all, structure.

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2 reviews for Frozen In Time- NEW EDITION by Masuda

  1. fermunder (verified owner)

    It looks very nice and very well made and a great effect. But all that is nullified by the fact that it can’t be handed to the spectator. The most natural thing to do after revieling the time is to hand it to your spectator. The very nature of the effect demands it. Too bad.


    I’m the seller, so one could say naturally, I have an agenda. But the following facts are indisputable and I while I respect Fermunder’s opinion, I strongly disagree with it. To give Frozen-In-Time, TWO stars – solely based on the fact it can’t be handed out like a puzzle – where you hand it to someone as a sort of “taunt” non-verbally conveying – “go ahead try to solve the puzzle!” Magic is not puzzles – it’s an art. I love puzzles, I sell a good number of my favorite here – The Yot. But think about it – NO FORCE! Still Photo prediction – spectator can change their minds anytime. History: Frozen in Time, an effect we sold in the 1980’s from Masuda was and remains to this day – one of the most incredible effects dealing with the concept of time. The gimmick is genius. When you (as the magician who understands the gimmick), visually experiences the secret – well – truthfully – if you were like me – you were saying to yourself – “How is this possible.” You were mesmerized by the execution of the gimmick “as much” as the spectator would be with the revelation. It’s like even though you KNOW what is happening, your eyes are can’t believe it. It is so meticulous and amazing to witness from the magician’s point of view with respect to the ingenuity. This is one of the effects that for good reason, earned Masuda the reputation as one of magic’s most innovative thinkers. Now here it is almost 40 years later when this effect first was released – 10 years shy of a half-century. Yet another indisputable fact: The effect remains just as impressive as it was when it was first released. Point Number Two: Magic is NOT a puzzle, it’s an art form. The very nature of what makes this a miracle, prevents this pocket version from being able to be handed out. This desire to hand out – hand out – or questions such as, “yes but can it be examined?” I understand the motivation – I really do. I have performed this for at least 25 years. I have two topics in response to this: Develop a creative routine that allows you to segue naturally at the conclusion. I have used in the past two pocket index’s as a way to reveal the selected time in writing in addition to Frozen In Time still photo. Second Topic – Spectator Management – which means a lot more than just learning the subtle but important art of implementing as much control as you can on your spectators. Also included in that (hypothetical) chapter would be suggestions including the before-mentioned coming up with a creative routine. In fact: I just rememberd, we used to provide a great routine from Jon Racherbaumer as a value added bonus with the original Frozen In Time. I’ll have to see if I can find it in the archives. Personal Review Points. I prefer the original casing ONLY because it came with the circular sticker that covered the face of the watch. However, these can easily be found. Important Tip: Never carry this effect loosely in your pants pocket, walking from table-to-table for example. Those that own it know why and it’s design is essential. Reason: If you pull it out from your pants pocket your risking the unit sliding out from the plastic open ended case and falling hard on a floor – which of course can break the unit. They used to sell those little novelty tiny briefcases. Find one that fits Frozen in Time and you are good to go, table-to-table. Treat your unit gently. I have one I have used for at least 12 years… My rating is based on my years of experience performing this effect, the uniqueness of it, the brilliant thought that went into the development, and finally the exponential value you will get “if you use it” compared to a very fair price. Mark Stevens

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