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This is an estate item.  It is only the DVD and doesn’t come with any other gimmicks.  The DVD does teach how to make the gimmicks needed.

Fully Loaded Magazine by Sean Taylor is the perfect mind reading effect. The effect goes at follows a spectator is handed 2 or 3 magazines. They freely choose any one.

The spectator is now asked to choose a page in that magazine, again a free selection.
The page is now ripped from the magazine and torn into a pile of pieces.
The spectator now chooses one piece. This is a completely free selection.

The magician then turns or steps away from the spectator,  and you ask them to look at the piece and identify any parts of a picture, full words, colours, indeed anything they see. You pick up a piece of board or paper and begin writing. Once you’ve done, the spectator reads out loud from the selected piece. You display the board to reveal each word you have written describes precisely what they say. It’s not simply a word like most book tests or even just a picture. It’s a huge volume of information, all accurate, all direct and all different.

Remember in Fully Loaded Magazine by Sean Taylor there is NO pumping, NO equivoque, NO memory work, NO electronics, NO pre-show & absolutely NO forcing. The Magazine is freely chosen, the page is freely chosen and the piece is freely chosen (and yes, the pages are all seen to be completely different.)

There are no special tearing techniques or counting or turnover moves in Fully Loaded Magazine by Sean Taylor. Everything is 100% clean and fair in this effect. Not once do you look at the piece of paper yet you can reveal every piece of information with uncanny, pinpoint accuracy.

The board on which you wrote can even be given away as it is un-faked. You can immediately repeat with a different page, a different piece and completely different information. In fact again and again if you wish. We think this is perfect for the working pro is perfect for todays audiences.

You can use any magazine, company catalogue or journal, which could be prepared in your hotel room an hour or 2 before the show. Each magazine requires a once only preparation and its then good for 30 – 40 performances. Fully Loaded Magazine by Sean Taylor is one of the most versatile and natural mind reading effects we have seen here in some time. You may want to combine it with Glance by Steve Thompson.

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