Funken Ring - Harold Voit
Funken Ring - Harold Voit

Funken Ring – German (Harold Voit)


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FINALLY – The Original is BACK IN STOCK! 

The Funkenring!  Harold Voit has solved the problem of this great classic accessory! Making a ring that is affordable, yet durable and has a substantial larger spark volume then the previous models.  NOTE: Beware of Counterfeited pieces of this product on the market. They actually have the same packaging and also the same “Western Germany” stamp on the units, but they are NOT the German Model.   How can you be assured you get the genuine article?  Buy from Stevens Magic Emporium!

Let’s face it, Harold Voit from Germany makes some of the best quality products and you can depend on them. We tested his new ring and while it may look similar to cheaper models on the market—the component parts are top grade.

You will be able to feel the difference immediately as you turn the unit with the key. We wish we could afford to send you one of the cheap models with this deluxe style so you can see  and feel the difference. When you compare them visually they look the same, but that is where the familiarity STOPS! You know the workings! A flash of sparks is at your command from your fingers! Safe to use! Easy to do! Wind it up and you are ready in less than 30 seconds! Wonderful for M.C. work or comedians that want a product that delivers and does not stop working after two or three times!

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