Gambler’s Loaded Mini Dice Set


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Hard To Come By!  Limited Availability.  

Shake and Bake Baby! These mini-dice have two loaded units per set. Perfect for Expositions and the like. Or when you need to drum up some cash for your 40 ouncers on the street. Come with sample box that is used often in this street hustle game.

Comes with 5 regular dice and 2 loaded dice. Box that can easily be found at local art stores or similar size when you need another one. If you play the game right – YOU WILL. Each loaded die is loaded to roll SIX! So it’s a numbers game. Best of 5 Shakes! Take a roll of bills and hide the magnet inside it. Rotate the loaded dice inside the box and place the stack of bills under the box and SHAKE it and then open it and count your total – odds are very good they will be HIGHER then the other person playing!

Cardboard box provided is different than what is featured in this photo. Any small sized box will work. Look this guy just rolled TWO SIXES? Loaded Dice are GOOD Quality! Note: Does NOT come with instructions because if you needed em’ probably not a good idea for you to have this item.

Entertainment Purposes Only!

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