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Stull Watch Outdone! A CW Original…Man’s fascination with time in general, and timepieces in particular, has led to some of the most entrancing effects ever devised. Some of you, not many, have the original Stull Watch. It is in your drawer. This is because, like any other complex mechanical piece, it is vulnerable to breakdowns. With the exception of one watchmaker, (affiliated with Collectors’ Workshop) there are precious few people who can, or will, repair the Stull Watch. And, because Stull himself is gone, you can’t get them anymore.

Now a precision-built, mentalist’s timepiece is again available. It is wholly different from the Stull concept of automatic sequential settings. And, the entire watch has been custom manufactured by our watchmakers. The Effect: A man’s pocket watch is handed to a spectator. It is a working, running watch. The spectator pulls out the stem to examine how the hands are operated. The performer takes the spectator’s wristwatch. The spectator closes the case on the pocket watch and sets the time. At the same moment, the performer sets the time on the spectator’s watch. The times match. You may repeat the effect immediately. That is the standard, well-known effect. Variations are, of course, limitless.

Now, consider the extraordinary innovations, none of which was true with the original Stull Watch: The Geneva Prediction Watch is a fully functioning, accurate, quality Swiss time piece (beautiful Hunter’s case watch-Swiss made). There are no settings or formulae. The range of predicted time is quite varied (13 different settings!)  The system is purely mechanical. There are no electronics (other then the watch movement itself) or external devices. There are no sleights, peeks or accomplices. This is a jewel of an effect and a piece of jewelry, as well, that you will be proud to own. Great for table-hopping as the reset is instant. Comes complete with detailed instructions.

The effects provided by the original Stull watch are staggering but alas the unit was a nightmare to maintain and no longer available. The original can be found in the collections of a chosen few and valued as a true collectable.

Now, Collectors’ Workshop has not only duplicated the original effect but improved upon it by designing a beautiful functioning pocket watch that does not have the complicated, intricate madness of the Stull, yet provides a great amount of flexibility and reliability The Geneva Prediction Watch.

  • Imagine setting your watch to a time that will be determined sometime in the future by a spectator.
  • Imagine a spectator selecting a random time without you knowing what they have selected and being able to predict this time with 100% accuracy.
  • Imagine doing the impossible and that is what our Geneva Watch is capable of and more.
  • You are supplied with a beautiful Hunter’s case, gold-tone, working railroad pocket watch that can be used during your daily life, yet, at a moments notice, you can predict a time selected by a spectator.
  • Instant reset so that you can repeat the effect over and over.
  • No forcing of any kind.
  • Spectator can examine the watch, he can turn the hands; there is nothing for him to find, yet it is cleverly gimmicked to do your bidding.

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