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Genii Tube – The latest in the beautifully constructed pieces from master craftsman Louie Gaynor is a return to a classic-The Genii Tube.

Unlike most of Louie’s pieces, which feature natural wood, this is a new line that also combines living color schemes that makes the product both magical and appealing to the audience. This departure from natural wood grain has been enthusiastically approved by even the most conservative of collectors and performer and thus this product stands out on it’s own merit.

The Genii Tube is a product that magically makes silks and streamers appears from an empty box. It’s the perfect parlor and stage effect and this unit features a larger double load capacity. Superb for children’s shows and stage venues!

Please note: This is a limited release item so not only will you have quality working prop to perform with, you will also have a scarce and unique collectible.

Improved Mechanics: One thing we particularly like was the fact Louie Gaynor got rid of the often times bulky and ugly clasps that are used to lock the tube tight and replaced them by embedded magnets which give this a stronger hold, more streamlined and pleasing look. Dimensions of item-stands 12-inches tall and is 4-inches wide.

As many of you already know, if Louie Gaynor builds it – people will come! It is superb in every way. Louie is a master craftsman and consistently proves over and over his pieces are top quality, and we have several customers that have authorized “open” orders whenever Louie puts out a new piece. We encourage you to check out all the items exclusively available to Stevens Magic by Louie, some of which are included on our website.

Just wanted to say a few words about the exclusive Louie Gaynor, Genii Tube. This is such a beautiful wooden artistic piece. It looks new yet old and very well worth the price – Jerry Foster


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