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We’re sure you’ve never seen anything like it: the perfect gimmick to add to your repertoire!

A coin is placed on a playing card and magically disappears in front of the public eye… To reappear at the place of your choice!

Ghost Coin is a meticulously crafted and handcrafted gimmick by Andrew to give your viewers one of the most incredible effects you and they have ever seen.

Both sides can be shown before and after the effect, no angle problems, silent and extremely easy to use in close-up as on social networks.

Your imagination is the limit because many very visual routines can be created with this magnificent tool, which will find a place of choice in your case as the possibilities of presentation are numerous.

What the Pros say:

“It’s the perfect magic. I’ve never seen an entire room disappear with a simple card! You did a fantastic job!” – Jeki YOO

“I was blown away by the effect, it was damn beautiful! MAIIIIS… When I saw the method used, I thought it was a twenty-first century thing… IT MUST COME FROM THE FUTURE, OH MY GOD !!!” – Julio Montoro

“This ingenious system is the solution to many games. I already want to integrate it into my routines.” – Patricio Teran

“It looks like a camera tricks, but right in front of your eyes.” – Brendan Rodrigues

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