Ghostbills (Mayne) (DVD)

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Another hot winner from Andrew Mayne. This is an awesome close-up illusion that uses borrowed bills and can be performed virtually anytime or anywhere.

EFFECT: Two bills are borrowed and then folded. Then one bill is placed inside the other. The bills are then amazingly passed through each other – great visual impact! This is a Jaw Dropper! But there’s more!

Next a participant holds the ends of a folded bill (with the other bill cradled inside), and the magician pulls the bill through the participant’s bill – literally millimeters in front of their eyes!

Keep in mind! The bills are borrowed, (not gimmicked), the effect can be performed anywhere and anytime, even surrounded, and everything can be inspected!
This is a winner from Andrew Mayne and will work for any walk-around or table-hopping or ice-breaking theme. Also included is a DVD that teaches you step-by-step the performance so you’ll be able to master it in no time flat! Highly recommended!


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