Ghostly Linking Rings by Joe Porper


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One of the most popular effects in magic – Linking Finger Rings! Ghostly Finger Ring is a ring that another ring can pass through effortlessly, like a ghost through a wall. A ring much like a movie company’s special effects department might produce. Billy McComb said, “This is the way the Himber Ring should have been made in the first place.”

Borrow three finger rings and link them with ease. The new Ghostly Linking Finger Ring, created by Joe Porper and Pete Biro, makes the trick almost self-working. And the Koran Pencil, included, allows you to unlink the last two rings automatically without any sleight-of-hand. It packs small, but plays big:

Alt. Description

Three Rings are borrowed from the audience and are linked together in a chain. One ring is unlinked and returned, the other two are displayed on a mechanical pencil with one hanging below. On the magician’s command, without going near the rings with his hands, one ring visibly unlinks from the other and drops to his waiting, cupped hand below.

Comes complete with a beautiful wooden carrying case, props, and gimmicks.

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