Ghostly Pocket Hank – Lynetta Welch (Burgundy)


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These are not easy to get and this model is absolutely beautiful… Yes of course, there are version of this effect for a lot less, and there is nothing wrong with them but sometimes a performer needs something elegant, refined to represent a believable story line…  Maybe you want to add some ambiance to the setting and routine?  And it’s just not a question of superior  materials and sewing, the actually gimmick has a very unique application as well.

Custom made by Lynetta Welch of Fabric Manipulation. The performer shakes his hank, lays it on the table and folds it. He must have trapped a ghost as the hank begins moving and then the center rises up. He unfolds the hank—nothing is there. He places an object in the center and folds the hank around it. Soon the object begins to move and jump around. Yet, when the hank is unfolded, the ghost escapes and nothing is there. A classic of magic, handcrafted in swirl print 100% silk.

Important Note: This model is Burgundy, other colors may be also available. 15 x 15-inches.

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