Give A Magician Enough Rope, #2 – Biro (Book)


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This is the 2nd volume in a series of popular booklets on magic by one of magic’s most knowledge – Pete Biro.  These are all either effects Pete has performed “time and again” or one’s that Pete is very familiar with in his 50 plus years in the game.  This is a 24 page booklet that contains the following Rope and String effects:

  • Introduction
  • Talk About Rope Magic
  • The BANG Rope
  • The Comedy Shoelace Knot
  • The Almost NEMO Rope
  • Francisco’s Escape
  • Bill Anderson’s Shoelace Routine
  • The Shot and Restored Rope
  • Tabman’s Do-As-I-Do Rope
  • BackWords

The book features a healthy amount of educational (step-by-step) images, as well as some great historical photos. Pete does a great job of writing and producing these series of booklets. He balances and chooses great photos. The typeset is large enough to be easily read. All in all you get a great booklet for a great price. We highly suggest you look into some of Pete’s other booklets. These are some of our best selling booklets.  Scroll to the bottom of the page to view his other titles!

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