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Quality Apparatus Meets Powerful Routine! 

Original Idea by Robert Farchmin/ as presented by Punx. Manufactured by Haenchen and Co./Viking Mfg. Co. Manufacturing rights given to George Robinson Jr. by Punx-1988. Simply stated: Beautiful!

In 1988 Punx gave George Robinson his personal Himber Ring for his collection along with permission to build the Glass Heart plus permission to use the description and routine as published in his wonderful work, Magical Adventures and Fairy Tales.

George built some 20-30 units back in 1988, but due to a fire in the shop, many items were moved to a large storage facility. These frames have sat idle for over 30 years. While sorting through a truckload of unmarked boxes we came across this buried treasure, so far only a few have been found. All are in very good condition, but some of the brass hearts show small bits of tarnish. I am not going to polish the brass, but I will leave it as is as I believe it gives character to the prop. The beautifully aged Northern walnut has aged a dark ruddy brown which only adds to its beauty. Each frame is hallmarked with the original Haenchen stamp.

These frames will be pulled from storage as we find them and offered to a few lucky performers and collectors who will cherish and hopefully perform these works of art.

EFFECT: Punx has woven a wonderful story about a very rich man who’s heart had turned to glass. His heart is punctured by Cupid’s arrow but alas, the effect is fleeting and the man’s heart turns to glass once more. This is a visual penetration effect, an arrow through a pane of glass with the restoration of the glass, but in a magnificent setting.

Having performed this effect in my own show, I can tell you that the effect on the audience is amazing; the story Punx has written to go along with this penetration effect takes this into the class of real magic.

Specifics: Each Glass Heart is packed in its own protective case, lined in crushed velvet. You are supplied with everything you need to perform this incredible effect.

Size and Dims: Actual frame size: 35.5cm x 30.5cm x 3cm or (14″ x 12″ x 1 1/4″).

Materials: Solid Northern walnut; glass pane (not plastic); brass heart; arrow and velvet lined mahogany finish case plus detailed instructions. Should you require any additional information feel free to contact us. Please allow approx. 2-4 days for proper packaging.

Disclaimer: Stand in photo not included. Additional shipping costs above and beyond what is paid for at the checkout will be required, due to the need for declared value/insurance, signature requirement and dims of package. We will contact you post order, or if you prefer contact us prior with your address so we can enlighten you.  This item is not eligible for discounts or coupon codes. This item is limited in terms of availability.

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