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Product Description

GlassSation Effect: The performer borrows a clear liquid filled glass from an audience member, this is then placed upon the performer’s open palm left hand, the performer then places their right hand’s index finger tip several inches into the center and just above the liquid in the glass.

The performer now slightly twitches their right hand’s index finger tip within the center of the liquid filled glass, immediately the performer is seen to remove their supporting left hand completely from under the liquid filled glass, which is seen to be remaining completely “SUSPENDED IN MID AIR” liquid filled glass and all!

The performer can freely move their left hand all around, over and under the now suspend liquid filled glass to demonstrate that there’s no connection between the performer and the glass “SUSPENDED IN MID AIR”.

The performer is then seen to move their right hand upwards, the liquid filled glass now levitates upwards, the liquid filled glass is then descended back down to the performer’s palm left hand palm, the liquid filled glass is then immediately handed back to the spectator.

GlassSation Attributes:

  • Can be performed for a single individual or in a parlor setting.
  • Can be performed standing or seated, without a table.
  • Perfect for bar performance, trade show, cruise ship, and all similar impromptu locales.
  • Works with right or left hand performance.
  • Straightforward handling and performance all the way!
  • Carries in your pocket with ease, always ready to perform.
  • No moving parts to break.
  • No magnets, suction cups or wires are used.
  • Works with most drinking glasses common to bars, restaurants and the like.

Hand made by BUMA, Original in all respects, Complete with Buma’s photo instructions.

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