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Is a Nickle a Nickle? Sometimes “yes” and sometimes “no” it’s all a matter of how you look at it, or we should say – “where you look at it!”

Special thanks to Bill Montana – for selecting Stevens Magic Emporium to sell this amazingly utiltiy device.  Just when you thought there wasn’t anything more that could be done with a shiner!  Boom – Now there is, and you need to get your hands on it – NOW!

This device has had many names through the years… Some refer to it as a “Shiner” or “Glim.” Bill prefers the old Scottish word – GLISK (meaning a glimmer). The Glisk is a small reflector used to secretly read the faces of cards/tickets as they are being dealt to your spectators, or to gain a peek at the bottom card of a deck. The device may also be used to peek hand-written information on a card.

What makes this even more unique is the fact that the “shiner” is on the alternative side of a American Nickel – (heads or tails depending on model you get) allowing you to easily get it into play without any suspiciousness. When you see this item, when it arrives in the mail, you will immediately be impressed.

Each unit is numbered and certified with signature on the instructions from the craftsman Bill Montana.  They also come with instructions to help you get comfortable using the unit, care instructions and “important” details (i.e., like not carrying the unit outside it’s plastic box in your pocket with other coins, etc.).  Bill has covered all the basics and the details while brief are straight to the point for better retention.

Stevens Magic has enjoyed a long and successful tenure at selling gambling related items, and this “GLISK” is without question the finest version we have ever seen. Thanks to my good friend Nick Belleas for turning me onto this item – you’re the greatest Nick!


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2 reviews for Glisk – (Gambler’s Shiner) Bill Montana

  1. [email protected]

    Beautifully made and I have used it quite a lot in the few days since I received it

    I like this and having thought about it decided to change my handling. I managed to get hold of a few ordinary nickels, and while finger palming the Glisk displayed an ordinary coin. “We are all used to the fortune tellers and mediums and their claims of contact with the the spirits of the dead. Yes, I know it’s rubbish, or so I used to think until . . .
    “After the audience had left a performance of mine in Nottingham, I noticed a wizened old woman hobbling toward me, and she pressed this coin, an American nickel into my hand. Wordlessly she tapped the head of the coin with two fingers, then raising her hand pressed the coin between my thumb and forefinger, the head facing toward me.. Removing a playing card from her pocket, its back facing me, and held it in front of her face. With her free hand she took my wrist and raised it so the coin was behind the card she held.
    “She’s looking at a five pointed star printed on the card.” The voice that sounded in my head was American and sounded bored.
    The woman smiled knowingly, I guess she saw the shock in my face. “He’s yours now,” she said.

    With the Glisk finger-palmed and the normal nickel held between forefinger and thumb, becaise of the explanation, the act of placing the coin behind the drawing, or card they hold is natural. Raising the coin to my ear and pretending to listen to a description of the card/drawing, removes any suspicion of a shiner.

    The revelation I usually reveal by drawing it.

    Have fun with it – I am.

  2. BrandonKirkNewsom (verified owner)

    Excellent shiner and use all the time. Highly recommend! b

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