Glitter Entrance Curtain Spider Flex


Product Description

Note: Do not purchase this item unless you already own, or are purchasing a Spider Flex Background at this time.

This is an additional ad on accessory for the Spider Flex Backdrop. This curtain for the entrance of the Spider Flex measures approximately 32″ wide and 7.9 feet high (80 cm wide x 2.40 m high) including curtain rod for attachment to the frame. This product is especially desirable for any performer interested in working with levitations such the animated hanky or other similar effects that involve movements and levitations. However, many customer opt for this entrance for contrast and showmanship.

Option: It is also possible to purchase more than just one unit, in the event that you wish to expand the area that you are working in “IF” you are planning on dealing with a lot of levitations. The idea being that you can increase the Mylar background footprint in increments of 32″.

However, the most common purchase of this item is to be used for the main entrance. Please note this item takes approximately 2-4 weeks for delivery. Additional shipping above and beyond what is charged at checkout will be required. Feel free to contact us prior for confirmation.

NOTE: We suggest you consider purchasing this at the same time you purchase the Spider Flex to save on shipping.

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