Globetrotter & Numerologie (Charles Gauci)

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These two effects, when performed together, will leave a lasting impression on your audience. The nearest thing to REAL mind reading around!

GLOBETROTTER: From 60 different worldwide destinations, two spectators mentally think of one destination each. The performer proceeds to read their minds with incredible accuracy and names the thought of city! They have a completely free selection. Nothing is written down. Perform anywhere, anytime. Wonderful impromptu effect. Self contained and easy to do.

NUMEROLOGIE: Two people mentally select a number from a chart and scratches that same number off of a scratch card. This reveals the name of a city. Each concentrates on his city and the performer immediately reveals the names of those cities! No force of numbers. No pumping. No questions asked. Can be repeated with a different outcome each time. Contains 48 scratch cards. REFILLS AVAILABLE FOR $45.

Act While this SPECIAL PROMOTION last and get this item for a great price!

“Without being biased, you have a gem here. Please use all the showmanship to pull it off. This is a reputation-maker!”
–Joe Stevens


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