Gone Fishing – Combo Physical and Download Product – Michael Trixx – PLUS FREE Bonus – Magic Master Summit Lecture by Michael Trixx (David Davinci)


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BONUS!  (SEE BOTTOM OF PAGE)! Product comes with Michael Trixx Master Magic Summit Tutorial – Thanks to David DaVinci.  Michael shows you hos to make a six figure income from booking $150 Shows! Search Magic Master Summit to find ALL the available lectures.  Product comes with access to a video tutorial which is provided to you post-purchase via download link. 

Michael Trixx pushes the limit with a traditional effect that removes the dangers of the old-fashioned razor blades and applies a contemporary application! In doing so, he takes what was once a simple novelty effect and turns it into a routine with a comedy infusion. Michael shows the why to using props – meaning they need to have a reason for being introduced in the first place. And Michael also tips his NEVER FORGET Finale.

Effect: the performer pulls a small package of edible goldfish crackers and throws them up in the air catching them in his mouth, one after the other… This is repeated several times and the performer is seen to be actually chewing the cracker goldfish!
After such a snack fest he feels obliged to clean his teeth with dental floss which, but accidentally swallows the dental floss! Now is the time for REAL fishing and the performer reaches into his mouth and slowly finds the end of the dental floss and as he continues to pull it out from his mouth, magically the cracker goldfish are now attached to the dental flash!

A comedy magic miracle for sure – but the then the performer (optional ending by the way), gestures that something is not right. He shakes he head and picks up a glass of water as if he is going to take a sip but INSTEAD a life goldfish pops out of his mouth into the glass! Yes -this is the NEVER FORGET finale! Michael teaches you all the secrets.

When I saw Michael perform this – I had to have it!David Davinci

Magic Masters Summit - Michael Trixx

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