Grab The Lines – Book (Exclusive)


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Learn the secrets of how to get “Headline” publicity with prediction effects! Headline Predictions are fairly easy to do and are exceptionally powerful publicity stunts that work for local media, shows/performances and corporate work as well.

This book teaches the “ins & outs” of not only how to sell this great effect, but also the details of how to perform it. You will learn:

  • Sealed Methods,
  • The Pocket Switch
  • Table Switch,
  • Confederate Use
  • Electronic Predictions
  • Multi-Predictions
  • The Magicians Switch
  • Patter-Presentations
  • Notarized Predictions

Extra Bonus includes-The secrets of “Invisible Writings.” Over 30 methods of making and using Invisible Ink for your performances and predictions. There is very little information in the magic world today on this subject. Add this book to your magic library for future use.


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