Grant’s One, Two, Three Baffling Blocks – Gimpy


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Another Certified GIMPY Magic Product! 

A lost and unique method to produce the same effect as the cube a libre/Selbit blocks. Blocks printed one, two, and three magically arrange themselves in several orders and orientation until the final phase where an audience member selects the order–when the tube is removed, of course it matches. Show the tube empty at any time. Comes with complete instructions and original 4 phase routine written and field tested by Clyde Hayre. Very easy to learn with no difficult sleights and can be done close up.

Additional phases are easy to add due to the simplicity of the method. You are always in control of the outcome, nothing to keep track of and phases can be in any order. It could not be any more simple. Blocks are 2” hardwood and printed with indestructible numbers. The tube is walnut with an eye catching marquetry design. Built to last.

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