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You’ll Die Laughing!

Everyone dies laughing at Dick Stoner’s comedy effect. The funeral salesman first attempts to sell the deluxe package consisting of a carved canopy, velvet drapes and an embossed casket. After a few more attempts, he makes his final offer the trash can. A great comedy spot for magicians, comedi-ans, MCs, clowns, speakers, magi-ministers and anyone who likes to have fun. It plays big, packs small and is made of indestructible Tyvex. It is visual for any size group and funny to any type of audience.

“Are you folks ever bothered by those telephone solicitors?” asks the performer. “Last week a guy called me on the phone and wanted to talk about pre-planning my funeral! I couldn’t believe it. I’m not afraid of dying, I just don’t want to be there when it happens,” he continues. “Well, I made a grave mistake and let the guy make an appointment with me. He came out to my house and had the whole program ‘laid out’.”

With that, the performer displays a large (25″ wide by 38″ tall) sheet depicting an embossed casket with an Austrian carved canopy and French velvet drapes and continues, “This guy said, ‘Look, we can give you this beautiful casket for only $190,000.’ That’s really more than I can afford, I said.” and with that he folds the top section of the sheet down, eliminating the carved canopy on top.

“He continued, ‘No problem, we can eliminate the Austrian canopy and give you these beautiful French velvet drapes and the embossed casket for only $140,000.’ Still, that’s really more than I’d like to spend.” says the performer and again folds the sheet, also eliminating the velvet drapes.

“Still, this guy just wouldn’t let up and he said ‘Look, I can eliminate the French velvet drapes and give you this gorgeous German embossed casket for just $7,000.’ I said, still that’s just more than I want to spend.” continues the performer and with that makes one more fold in the sheet.

“That’s when the guy told me he had just what I wanted.” and the picture displays a large trash can!

  • A very fun and entertaining routine.
  • Packs small but unfolds large enough for any size audience.
  • Embossed picture on indestructible Tyvex materials ensure this comedy prop will last a long time.

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1 review for Grave Mistake

  1. antontheenigmatist

    Grave Mistake is a funny and bizarre F/X that will go over well. I work as a Doctor specializing in Alzheimer’s & dementia care. I also perform fund-raisers as a MC, magician/mentalist entertainer for many A.L.F.’S and medical trade shows. I have been looking 4 a unique F/X that will play big, get a laugh, & remind others life is short & we all need something 2 believe in including MAGIC. I know this is not 4 everyone one but do consider the goodwill of performing for local non-profits. The rewards are great & FREE newspaper & radio promotions R worth your investigation. A 4 star magic presentation you’ll be dying’ 2 perform. Thanks Joe and Mark.

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