Greater Card Tricks by Eddie Joseph – Book 1942 – Heldman Estate


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Hardback. Near Fine

4 Introduction (Eddie Joseph)
5 Index

7 Some Sl(e)ight Changes in Some Standard Sleights
8 Card Palming
8 Palming Cards on the Feet: three methods
11 How to Return Palmed Card into the Pack
11 Palming Cards at a Table
11 The Slip
12 Bottom Dealing
13 The Side Steal
13 The Top Change
14 To Turn a Card Over in the Pack

14 PART TWO Locations
14 A Queer Location
15 A Double Location
15 The Jumping Location
16 The Riffle Location
16 The Palm Location
16 The Corner Riffling Location
16 The “Nick” Location

17 PART THREE Tricks for All Occasions
17 The E.J. Color Change with Cards
18 Your Thought Read
19 Another Card Discovery
19 Think of a Number
20 A Test of Sobriety
21 The Elimination Trick
22 Card Resurrection
23 Thought Transference
24 Stop! Fire!
25 Sensitive Touch
26 The Die Trick
26 A Quick Four-Ace Trick
27 Gone Right Through
28 Gone Beyond Recognition
28 Wandaphone
29 Your Age Will Find You Out
30 One Out of Five
31 What’s in a Name
32 The Writing on the Arm
33 The Electrified Card
33 The Tekka Card Trick
35 Esta Kard Mystery
38 The Secret Out — Not Quite
39 The Final Speller
42 Quadruplication
43 The Hazelite Mystery
44 The Cardiana Roll
45 The Hooded Hew
46 Sympathetic Bond

48 PART FOUR Daub Deception
49 Preparation for the Daub
49 First Method of Daubing
49 Second Method of Daubing
50 Third Method of Daubing
50 Fourth Method of Daubing
50 Fifth Method of Daubing
51 Sixth Method of Daubing
51 Seventh Method of Daubing
51 Eighth Method of Daubing
51 Ninth Method of Daubing
52 Tenth Method of Daubing
52 Eleventh Method of Daubing
52 Twelfth Method of Daubing
53 Thirteenth Method of Daubing
53 Fourteenth Method of Daubing
53 Fifteenth Method of Daubing
54 Sixteenth Method of Daubing
54 Seventeenth Method of Daubing
54 Eighteenth Method of Daubing
55 Nineteenth Method of Daubing
55 Twentieth Method of Daubing
55 A Few Words of Advice

55 PART FIVE Exquisite Experiments
56 The Somersault
57 The Smacker
57 The Renegade
57 The Prodigious Card
58 The Sensational Card Restoration
62 Hallucination
65 Card in Cigarette
66 The Pellet Test
67 The Popinjay
69 The Writing on the Wall
71 A Remarkable Coincidence
73 Peculiar Passage
76 A Home-Made Cement for Card Work
77 Extra-Sensory Detection
78 A Kute Kard Konception
79 The Raw Recruit
80 “A Letter from Satan”
81 Rapid Transit
83 The Revolution
84 The Mental Marvel
87 Distant Thought Penetration
88 The Sticker
90 Two Old Horses in New Harness
92 Cards from Pocket to Pocket

94 PART SIX My Card System
96 My Table of Pictures for Memorizing Cards
96 How to Prepare for a Series of Astounding Tricks Through “My System”
97 Order of Cards After the Shuffle from Top to Bottom
98 Formula to Find Out Where Any Particular Card Lies in the Pack
100 The Card Fiend

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