GT Speedreader Marked Deck (Mandolin) and DVD – Estate – Primi

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Deck is in perfect condition.

The GT Speedreader is a ground breaking new version of the classic Ted Lesley concept…specifically designed by a working pro for how performers and spectators REALLY look at cards. The SpeedReader system HIDES THE MARKS when you spread the deck and makes your readings truly FAST AND EFFICIENT.

The Big GT SpeedReader DIFFERENCE
Standard Marked Decks are marked in the upper LEFT corner (and lower right). The GT SpeedReader is marked in the exact OPPOSITE POSITION…at the upper RIGHT corner (and lower left). So as you the deck the exposed upper left section on the cards have no mark (where a sharp spectator might see it)…while the performer can easily read the mark at the lower left corner of the cards…where it’s away from the spectator’s view.

The SpeedReader Mark IS SPECTATOR SAFE
The GT SpeedReader Marks are EASIER to READ.
Dealers Grip
Right Hand Overhand Grip
Riffling for a Spectator Peek
We consider the GT SpeedReader to be THE best marked deck available for the discerning professional who needs the KNOW that the secret marks will always be safe from an audiences’ view…and that he can always get a fast, easy, read of every card.

If you’re used to working with standard marked decks you’ll find you can almost instantly adapt to the new GT SpeedReader system. It’s intuitively the more natural, safer, easier-to-read marked deck for working under-fire in the real world.

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