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The creator of Revise 5, Mike Clark, is finally releasing his next greatest! Mike Clark, better known as @magictrickmike, is a candy fascinated magician. In 2017, he released his multi-color changing gum trick, Revise 5, which crashed the social media platform and won heart from top influencers such as Justin Flom, Kevin Li, David from Magic Crasher, and Tyler Sherwin. After working for close to 2 years, we are proud and excited to share with you all Mike’s most favorite magic trick today. Say hello to GumTool +(GT+).

As per name suggest, GT+ is not a trick but a tool where it allows you to change the gum pack into anything with just a simple stamp move.

To truly appreciate the power of this effect you need to watch the performance video on our website. GT+ is not a trick but a tool that will allow you the ability to for amazing transpositions of gum packs with just a simple move! With purchase, you will receive a pre-made gimmick gum pack, which is ready to perform – out of the box. In an hour detailed instructional video, you will learn everything needed to know for performing GT+. BONUS: Learn how to rebuild the gimmick in any gum pack designs. Who doesn’t love candy & visual magic?

Disclaimer: You are required to modify your gimmick to perform certain application that is seen in the video demo trailer. Commercial rights are reserved for GumTool +, including but not limited to TV and web shows. Kindly contact Skymember Presents for commercial inquiries.

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