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Invisible Deck is possibly the highlight of the entire Handpicked series. You think you know the trick…but when you see the touches, handlings, and improvements by some of the most diabolical minds in magic, you will find MANY ways to amp up the impact of this fine classic. You will also learn ideal ways to present the effect according to venue, and also some totally different effects possible with the Invisible Deck method.

Contents of Handpicked Astonishments: Invisible Deck
Introduction to the Invisible Deck
Cell Phone Presentation (how to involve someone from across the globe)
Jay Sankey’s X (possibly the best variation on the original)
Beyond Invisible (A totally new twist on the classic routine)
Invisible Deep 3 (Predict a spectator’s initials!)
Pit Boss (The perfect ending to a one-ahead routine by Thom Peterson)
And much more!

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