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The new expanded limited edition of HAND SPRINGS is now ready to ship. Read the description of the previously offered Special Edition covered in Japanese cedar wood wraps for the original format. Mark Edwards has completely re-written and expanded upon the original text, turning it from 84 page 8” x 51/2” to 178, 8” x 11” to 178 packed pages by adding in a fresh format that uses more narrative composition. HAND SPRINGS is now not only a crash course in how to read the basic lines in the palm, but this new larger incarnation moves the whole picture into contemporary real-world territory not previously addressed. New sections have been added about his own personal anecdotes, ploys, psychological subtleties and suggestions, plus other “tricks of the trade” used by the streetwise gypsy. This is now a complete non-fiction novelized scenario written for both the absolute beginner and the seasoned entertainer.

If you have ever had the desire to learn Palmistry, this book will give you all you need to know to be able to start giving accurate readings as soon as you have finished reading it. In a systematic method that anyone can quickly master, you will also be made aware of ancient world views and scientific tips that are truly stranger than any fiction. Read for yourself about the entire spectrum that runs from the serious new agers to the hilarious fringes of crackpot Hollywood, all lovingly detailed to provide everyone with a birds-eye view of what can be expected from the world of the “professional psychic entertainer.”

Finally, a Palmistry book that will tell all with the lighthearted edge of black humor missing from any other book on the subject you are bound to read.

How can that gypsy be so accurate? Both those workers already in the fortune telling field that may not have been so gifted or on target and the curious student of the Occult Arts can now find out and do it yourself.  178 duplex pages printed on 60 lb. brown parchment paper, heavy black coil bound with full color plastic covered wraps.

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