Happy and Sad Rabbits


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A brilliant packet card effect from the fertile mind of Pavel back in the 1970’s. This really is a great visual that is much more animated than the traditional playing card effect because it features illustrations of magical rabbits that magically transform there moods visually right in front of your spectator’s eyes. These are performing magic rabbits and like any performer in magic they are most happy when they have a show! Conversely they are sad rabbits when they don’t have a gig! Or course, that is just one story line you can use or create your own but the effect is the rabbits visually changes from Sad Rabbits to Happy Rabbits – or vice versa. A great visual effect and fits easily into one of your pockets. This is a winner!

  • Easy to do.
  • Ya gotta love it!
  • Excellent for children and adults alike!
  • Now you are ready when they say, “Show me a magic trick!”
  • No difficult sleights needed.
  • You can show the back of the cards as well.

Let’s face it – sometimes the best magic is light-hearted and easy to do – this effect proves that point!

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