Hartz Card Frame – Owens – Good Condition


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Hard to find magical history and wonderful props and apparatus. Products priced to SELL. Beautiful, hard to find antique magic from Joe’s Personal Collection! Most of these items come from the prestigious Thayer Magic Line and some of these pieces are truly scarce. This piece is closely tied to Thayer but manufactured by the purchaser of Thayer Magic – Owen’s Magic. As with all Thayer Magic prop’s Owen’s kept the integrity and visual beauty of the line. Remember, in 99% of the cases there is only “one” each of these available so first come – first served.

SME certified Owen’s Magic Supreme by SME Curator of Antiques – Bill Trotter.
Condition:  GOOD

Notes: This item is not eligible for any SME coupons, merchandise credit or promotions.  In some cases, additional shipping and insurance may be required.

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