Hathaway Rising Cards (Martin Lewis)


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A card rise that fits both parlor and stage presentation and is one of the most respected versions of this amazing, reputation making effect ever created. What makes it different from some of the other models on the market is its practicality.  Powerful magic needs to be practical so you can count on it again and again, yet don’t make the mistake of assuming that practicality is void of deception.  If you are looking for an effect that is exceptionally powerful, one that will make a major impact on your audience and that also has the benefit of excellent visibility – this is it.  The feature that makes it so requested is that not just one card rises, but three cards rise from a previously examined jumbo deck of cards.  Keep in mind this is all the more amazing because the houlette is completely clear, and also suspended on ribbons which are held by the performer and a spectator.  None-the-less, under completely impossible conditions – it remains totally under your control.  The item is very good quality and is sturdy as you would expect and comes with an instructional DVD by Martin Lewis featuring him performing it in a very large stage setting of more then 600 people.  In terms of the value you can get with this effect – it is a steal at this price. Product price includes shipping in the US.

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