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A Magical Multiplying Bottle Routine Especially for Halloween!   Made as only Jim can do – with attention to meticulous detail!  Perfect for theme type shows and of course – Halloween!

We did it!  Perhaps the greatest mystery of all time! Forget about the Pyramids – we were able to get Jim Kleefeld to make a few more Haunted Bottles!  As is usually the case, you never know how long they will last – and they usually don’t last long.  So, first come – first served!

Note: From Jim Kleefeld: I recently upgraded the look on these latest edition with a much better design and paint job. Original sets were spray-painted red, blue, green, etc. These updated sets are dusky, mottled, and splotchy evoking an aged look. I also designed all new creepier art for the cover tubes. The earlier ones could of been interpreted as too “Halloween.” While this lates version can be used in bizarre settings, Mad scientist and of course Halloween themed shows.

Jim Kleefeld - Haunted Multiplying Bottles

A fabulous example of custom crafting a routine and the props that go with it. The Haunted Bottles is a Multiplying Bottles routine created with very special design. You get a custom spooky box with wood-look sign and two creepy customer-designed canisters inside that say Gruella’s Apothecary. Inside the canisters are a large bottle of Spider Venom and a small bottle of Newt Juice. The bottles change places several times, then suddenly another creepy bottle appears. Then another and another. You end up with nine bottles in all – Truth Serum, Rat Poison, Zombie Virus, Red Blood and more. It’s a creepy factor to the extreme! Gorgeous custom designed labels and meticulously and-painted bottles designed to look like aged props that have been used for hundreds of years. A full script is included in the extensive manual. Packs itself into its own sturdy custom painted creepy haunted box. (Box designs vary, but they are all be-witching!)

Note: This item may require a two-three week time regardless of inventory status.

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    It’s 100% great 👍
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