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Special Thanks to Andy Martin – www.martinsmagic.com for allowing us to use the images he took and sharing his review of this item and performance. 

Check out Andy’s Martin’s Performance for the exclusive Porcupine Club.  Note: He added Christopher Taylor’s Serial Killer Deck (which is not included but often available at Stevens Magic) and thanks to him we are now offering the deluxe coffin.

Do the Spirits Communicate?  You better believe it…  This is the perfect effect for séance or bizarre Magick.  It comes with paper labels that have RIP printed on them.  You can choose to use them, or apply something else to the cards.  In this case we wrote the names of 5 people on the cards.  The Coffin can be shown front, back and open.  One by one – each of the plastic cards are either place in proximity to the coffin or inside the coffin.  There is a candle sitting close by that is not illuminated. The first card is placed inside the coffin, the name on it is Mark, and nothing happens…. WHEW!  The next card is then placed either inside the coffin or as in the video comes in close proximity to the coffin – still nothing… That’s good news, only a few more to go… The next name on the card reads “Buma.”   When that card is placed in the coffin there is a reaction that is most startling – the candle self aluminates.  Surely a sign from the spirits that is not good for Buma!

Of course the nice thing about this effect is that you are not locked into anything. You can change (provided you use a dry erase) what is written on the cards.  Or if you prefer, you can eliminate the coffin and card completely and just use the self igniting candle.

Comes with everything needed (save for lighter fluid and a dry erase marker) to get you going.   We also provide you with access for detailed video instructions.  Make this effect your own with your custom routine. 

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