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The Haunted Key; this is what legends are made of. This one is made by Viking. This is the one that our own Shawn Reida, and Dick Williams (who passed away but wrote the book on the Haunted Key and was a resident of Wichita, KS.), claimed to be their favorite!

A large brass key (matches our Kineti-Key large) is displayed at the fingertips. The story revolves around a haunted mansion and a secret room hidden from all. The key mysteriously moves in conjunction with the story, finally turning over as if by some unseen hand. This key is hand made, no two are exactly alike. The weight and size of the key are most important to a successful outcome. This is one of the best balanced keys you will find. Comes complete with detailed instructions. No threads, magnets; nothing added or taken away. Truly the finest haunted Key on the market.   Visible for any venue; 4 5/8″ long; hefty 1/4″ shaft. Made of solid brass.


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