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by Christian Chelman

Christian Chelman’s spectacular new book on bizarre magick is here.

10 years in the making… but now the wait is over!

Hauntiques, Christian Chelman’s new book on Bizarre Magick, will take you on a journey of discovery through Christian Chelman’s fabulous collection of haunted antiques.

  • Six chapters… six different bizarre magick/storytelling shows.
  • 148 photos, most of which in colour.
  • 26 different effects, some ready to be inserted in your performances.
  • An introduction by Max Maven.
  • 4 enlightening essays on the performance of mentalism and bizarre magick for modern, sophisticated audiences.
  • 192 hardbound pages on high-quality paper, with a full colour dust jacket.

Bizarre Magick is no longer the Cinderella of conjuring: Christian Chelman has elevated Bizarre Magick to a strong theatrical experience and in this book he lays everything bare.

You and your magic will never be the same…

Please, come in! Don’t be shy… Open this book and begin your journey to the other side of the looking glass – from Conjuring to Magic.


Step right up, authentic haunted antiques for sale!

But what price are you willing to pay for a prestigious mythical relic, a “bottle imp”, an odd Christmas gift, a bowl of dreams, a vampire hunter’s kit circa 1899, an original letter from Jean Cocteau invoking his ghost, a haunted Russian doll, a Magic Mirror, Captain Vanderdecken’s cursed tobacco pouch, a fairy’s box of treasures, the Fifth Seal of the Apocalypse or an extraordinary time-machine?

Your soul, perhaps?

For the past 35 years Christian Chelman has been studying magic as practiced by the magicians of antiquity, by secret societies and by what are often referred to as ‘primitive’ peoples.

From his many travels, extensive encounters and wide-ranging research, he has amassed a unique collection of magical artifacts, providing irrefutable proof of the presence of the supernatural and fantastic in today’s world.

His private museum houses a mother lode of treasures, including prestigious mythical relics, an ancient demon bottle, a bewitched Corona typewriter (circa 1914), a complete Vampire hunter’s kit (1899), the cursed tobacco pouch of Captain Vanderdeken, a vase of dreams, the Fifth Seal of the Apocalypse, the pack of divination cards used by Cassandra Grosemans, a haunted Russian doll, an extraordinary time machine developed in 1910 by Nikola Tesla…and much, much more!

Every item is carefully studied and restored by a team of specialists. Only then is it ‘reactivated’ with all due diligence and care.

Page 192 – Hardbound

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