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Some years ago I was able to purchase this magnificent routine and effect from Les Johnson the creator. Over the years since then I have searched high and low for someone capable of making the gimmicks necessary but until about three weeks ago all those that I approached to do the job just couldn’t get it right.

My new genius mechanical engineer, cardboard architect, brass turner, electronics wizard and manufacturer for me of the Pavilion Music Box and the original Cyclops Box and many other brilliantly-made props cracked the problem a couple of days ago. The prototypes arrived and they were absolutely fantastic and the problem is no longer a problem.

Read the description below. It summarizes the entire effect which is absolutely brilliant and something that I am proud to have purchased the rights for and proud to be able to offer. It will fool everyone who sees it and is probably one of the most perfect headline prediction effects and methods that I have ever seen in my life.


You show a sealed window envelope inside of which can be seen a piece of paper containing your prediction. The envelope is handed to someone of importance who will be at your show. It could be a committee chairman, police officer or local celebrity. he or she signs and dates the envelope so that they will recognise it as the same one later. They also scribble across the flap so that any tampering would be obvious, should the envelope be opened prematurely. A strip of Sellotape is then placed across the scribble to protect it.

The window envelope is then dropped into a Jiffy bag which is sealed and handed to the celebrity for safekeeping.

On the night of the show the celebrity brings along the Jiffy bag. It is opened and the window envelope removed. It is the same envelope, still sealed and with the celebrity’s scribbles intact. The prediction can be seen through the window in the envelope. Held at fingertips, the envelope is sliced open with a paperknife and the prediction is removed and handed to the celebrity. Incredibly, it contains an account of that day’s newspaper headlines.

It’s just about as clean as it gets.

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